Traveler Guitar ULST BRN Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

Design and Features

This travel guitar will turn some heads when you first pull it out. It features a unique, modern design and it’s built with portability in mind. The classic antique brown finish gives it kind of a steampunk look, making it the perfect conversation starter.

Designed to offer both acoustic and acoustic-electric play, you’ll find that this is one guitar you won’t go on the road without.

The ULST BRN ultra-light travel guitar by Traveler Guitar is an acoustic-electric hybrid that’s super fun to play and offers a deep, rich sound that will totally impress you.

This guitar features a lightweight small body and the addition of the in-body tuning system utilizes standard tuning machines, which totally eliminates the need for a headstock.


So, what’s the result? Guitarists will be able to enjoy the same full-scale playing experience they’re accustomed to on a model that’s over thirty percent shorter and more than forty percent lighter than the standard acoustic guitar.

It’s also available for left or right handed players and comes in three finish options: antique brown, black or natural, although the antique brown finish is their biggest seller.

ULST BRN Travel Guitar Overview and Features

Travel Acoustic Guitar by MartinRecording Capacity

You can plug this model into a recording device or your favorite amp thanks to the included ¼ inch output and the Shadow acoustic piezo pickup.

Comes in Really Handy

For easy transport the lap rest is detachable, so the bag and guitar will easily fit into the overhead storage bin on any airplane.

And, because this model weighs under three pounds and measures in at a little over two feet long, you’ll be able to take it with you anywhere.

Pro tip: This guitar is definitely the perfect solution for the guitarist who needs a quality guitar to take on a tour bus or during vacation.

Now, players can enjoy the full-scale sound and playing experience in a small, lightweight package. If you want to know how to play guitar like a pro, this could be a good one for a start.

Design and Features

This acoustic-electric guitar also features an Eastern American hard maple body and neck.

This is one travel guitar that fits the bill. The included carry bag makes it easy to simply grab your guitar and go.

The small, compact design also allows you to easily store the guitar in your backseat or trunk. In fact, the guitar is so small that most players didn’t even have to remove the detachable lap rest.

  1. When plugged into an amp, it sounds great and the guitar’s pickups emit a very solid, deep sound.
  2. The body of the guitar is heavier than you’d expect, and the neck tends to want to rise up when you’re playing but you can remedy this issue by using a strap while you play.
  3. The guitar’s construction is solid and has a well-made feel. This model features a nice fretboard made from ebony and tuning it is a little different, but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly.
  4. Changing the strings can also be a new experience. There are no built-in volume controls, so you’ll need to increase or decrease the volume on the amp. The Piezo pickups sound good and when it’s plugged in it sounds like a full sized acoustic-electric guitar.
  5. One major problem involves string action. While most players love the really low string action, the action just wasn’t usable at the low frets. This is a simple fix, you’ll just need to adjust the saddle. Once you tweak it a little you’ll love the feel.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation on Ultra-Light Travel Guitar

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light

You’ll love this traveler guitar if you don’t mind the low level of sound it offers, or if you mainly use it plugged into your favorite amp.

But we were a little disappointed that it didn’t offer the same type of sound quality when we played it unplugged.

This isn’t the most versatile guitar, but if you have a small amp handy that you take with you on vacation or on tour, then you’ll definitely get some use out of it.

Tuning it and stringing it can take a little getting used to, but this is pretty common with travel guitars. Ultimately, it’s a great backup or practice guitar but it’s very limited in terms of the classic acoustic sound. 


Traveler Guitar Pros and Cons

Traveler Guitar Bag Ultra-LightPros: It will be love at first sight. The sleek, almost futuristic design will turn heads every time you use it. And once you plug it in, you’ll enjoy the powerful large sound that comes out of such a compact guitar.

For some people, the fact that the guitar is so quiet when it’s not plugged in is actually a bonus.

Cons: When you play it in acoustic mode, you’re not going to get much sound out of it. So this guitar probably isn’t for you if you need it for practice when you’re out on the road and an amp just isn’t available. Even when heard at close range, the sound is very light and thin.

But because there’s nothing to resonate, the fact that the guitar is so quiet makes a lot of sense. Tuning this compact guitar can be more than a little tricky for some players.

If you mainly enjoy playing your travel guitar in acoustic mode, simply put, this guitar isn’t for you. You won’t be able to use it in a group practice or in a loud environment because you won’t be able to hear it.


Traveler Guitar Final Thoughts & Recommendation

Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

This is a very quiet guitar that stays in tune and has a neck that feels great.

It’s one of the top selling models in its class and has a lot to offer in terms of portability and rich, loud sound.

Because when unplugged the traditional crisp, clear acoustic sound just isn’t there, we don’t recommend this model as a learning guitar for children or adult beginners.

If you’re looking for a traditional travel acoustic guitar and one that offers the compact size and a much bigger sound, we recommend the Little Martin acoustic travel guitar by Martin. 


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