Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar Review

LX1E Little Martin Fisheman PickupLately, it seems like the mini guitar industry has exploded with tons of options to choose from, but this model by Martin has found a special place in the hearts of both amateurs and pros due to its high-quality construction, features and overall playability.

While some guitarists won’t give a travel guitar a second look, the LX1 has some special qualities that give it a unique, bigger sound that made us take a closer look and will have you ordering one ASAP.

The Little Martin LX1 by Martin is the answer you’ve been looking for if you’re searching for a mini acoustic guitar that can take some of the hassles out of travel.

No longer will you have to worry about dragging your full sized acoustic through the airport and airport security, trying to check it or bring it on the plane. Instead, this model offers the convenience of big sound in a little package.

The LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar Rundown and Features

Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic GuitarDesign

This model is the smallest guitar the manufacturer offers and it’s a good choice for a travel guitar or child’s guitar.

When you first look at this model you’ll probably notice that it features a slimmed down design, with a simple, but elegant look. This guitar is equipped with a mahogany high-pressure laminate for the sides and back and a solid top made from Sitka spruce.

While the use of laminate for the sides and back enables the manufacturer to lower the selling price, the quality of the guitar’s construction is so high that unless you’re a seasoned guitarist, you probably won’t even notice the laminate.


Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, because it’s a Martin guitar, you’re probably expecting tone that’s comparable to a full sized acoustic, and you’d be right. While most ¾ sized guitars tend to sound thin and flat, this model features a surprisingly rich and deep sound, putting it in a league of its own compared to most mini guitars.

This is the perfect acoustic to use for traveling, learning and just plain jamming. The guitar’s soft action and size is perfect for kids and purchasing this model won’t break the bank either. This is definitely a small guitar that knows how to perform big.

Travel Acoustic Guitar by Martin Pros and Cons

Martin Backpacker Travel GuitarPros: This traveler guitar is one beautiful mini guitar that would be a greater starter model for children. The LX1 is part of the LX series, which is a line of ¾ sized acoustic guitars.

There are seven models in the series total, but in our opinion, the LX1 is Martin’s best. Most guitarists love the LX1’s tone and it sounds decent for the price. The guitar features the traditional dreadnought style and is equipped with steel strings.

The bridge and fingerboard are made from East Indian rosewood. It also comes with a free padded travel case, which is a nice extra for the price. When it comes to playability, the LX1 delivers a top notch performance, however, many users were surprised regarding the body’s weight which they expected to be much lighter, given the overall size.

Pro tip: The compact size of the guitar makes it easier for children to hold. If you’re purchasing a mini acoustic for a child, you’ll definitely appreciate the high-pressure laminate design because it significantly increases the guitar’s overall durability.

The guitar’s beautiful rich deep tones won’t disappoint you and the included strings it comes with stay in tune really well. Because it’s a smaller scale guitar it isn’t quite as loud as a full sized model, but it’s definitely louder than the average mini acoustic.

Everything about this guitar screams quality workmanship. The included tuners are much better quality than you’d expect to see on a travel guitar. We enjoyed learning how to handle this ¾ guitar and can appreciate the unique sound it offers.

Cons: Some guitarists did not like the added high-pressure laminate portions of the guitar because they felt that laminate materials tend to take away from the tone quality, but others felt that despite the laminate back and sides the guitar still offered a pretty impressive sound.

  1. A guitar with high-pressure laminate works to increase a guitar’s durability, although it is true with some models that it can negatively affect sound and tone quality.
  2. Another common complaint was the difficulty some guitarists had in regards to handling and playing the guitar. We admit, playing this guitar can be a challenge for some, especially for users with large hands, but this type of learning curve will pass.
  3. So, yes if you’re used to playing full sized guitars only, you’ll have a little trouble handling this guitar in the beginning and this is common with any ¾ guitar.
  4. If you’re a beginner and you’re looking for a full sized starter guitar, you may want to look at other options. The Keith Urban 50-piece acoustic guitar package is a full sized model that comes with thirty guitar lessons and it’s the perfect choice for adult beginners.
  5. It’s also available at a comparable price and scored high with guitarists for both tone and sound quality.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation for Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Martin LXK2 Little Martin

If you’re on a tight budget, the LX1 by Martin is one of your best options. This guitar will last for years to come thanks to the inclusion of the highly durable high-pressure laminate, which we feel, doesn’t have much of an impact of the guitar’s overall sound quality and tone.

This is one of the least expensive models in Martin’s extensive line and it’s definitely a budget-friendly choice that’s perfect for travel or for children. A guitar you can totally depend on, we love how the Martin felt in our hands although playing it will definitely take some getting used to.

However, for children, this guitar is just the right size. The playability and sound are incredible, so you’ll be hard pressed to find another travel guitar that can compete with it.


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