Keith Urban 50-piece Acoustic Guitar and 30-Lesson Package Review

Keith Urban Acoustic Brazilian BurstThe Player Guitar package by Keith Urban is a fifty piece package that’s designed to teach beginners how to play thirty songs in just one month. This set comes with thirty DVD lessons, an acoustic guitar with strap and strings, eight guitar picks, padded guitar case, chord poster, Allen key and polishing cloth.

A perfect choice for new and even intermediate players, this complete starter kit has everything you need to begin on your path to becoming a pretty great guitarist.

Keith Urban Guitar Package Assessment and Features

Keith Urban Limited Edition Close UpThere are so many downsides that can come with learning how to play guitar at home, but one of the most common problems involves hard to follow instructions.

Usually, lessons that are designed for beginners are often still incredibly complicated and this can be very discouraging to new players.

We felt that this lesson program was really well thought out and included some fun popular classics that you’ll enjoy learning and playing with friends and family.

If you’re not really a Keith Urban fan then the odds are you probably won’t care much about learning his songs, so we recommend this package only to true Urban fans.

Pro tip: Keith does a good job of simplifying each lesson and makes it easier for beginners to follow along.

During the first day of the lesson program, students will learn how to tune a guitar, two chords and some guitar playing basics. Learning the two chords will allow you to play the song Live to Love another Day.

During the second lesson, the student will learn the third chord, which will allow them to play a wide variety of songs. Over time, additional songs and chords are added to each lesson plan.

The acoustic guitar is handcrafted and was designed by Keith Urban. Fifteen of the thirty songs are songs written and performed by Keith.

The additional fifteen songs are classics. The author uses quick and simple methods to teach novices how to play and enables them to learn at their own pace.

Keith also uses an approach of song to song learning, which is done step by step in order to ensure the player has a proper understanding of the concepts. Regardless of your skill level, Keith really does a great job of making it easy for users to follow each lesson.

The handmade guitar takes approximately three months to produce. Some guitarists noted that the strings on this guitar are lower to the fretboard compared to standard acoustic guitars. The neck is also much narrower.

The all-wood guitar is made with a solid spruce top and mahogany sides and back. The guitar is also comfort coated for increased playability and it features dual truss rods for better neck adjustment.

Keith Urban’s Guitar Lesson Package Pros and Cons

Keith Urban Limited Edition Solid Body Electric Raw GrainPros: The extensive video library allows you to revisit any lessons based on your advancement and schedule. If you have trouble following along with a new lesson each day, these videos allow you to continue to practice and focus on a specific song or technique until you have it down. Of course, Keith Urban fans love following along to lessons that are taught by the country legend.

Cons: There are some downsides to taking guitar lessons at home and basically learning on your own. When you’re learning how to play the guitar on your own, it can be too easy to use improper techniques that can actually have a major impact on your learning and progress. You may pluck the strings or hold the guitar incorrectly and there will be no one there to correct your form and technique.

  1. Most consumer complaints about the program actually revolved around the quality of the acoustic guitar.
  2. Some guitarists noted that this is one guitar that refuses to stay tuned, so you must do so before you play, even on a daily basis.
  3. This can be a major issue for beginners who don’t have much or any experience with guitars and tuning. One consumer reported that this guitar needed upgrades to be truly playable and hold a tune and that overall it was a poorly constructed acoustic.
  4. Others noted that the guitar had an intense glue smell that lingered for several days.  While this set is marketed as a guitar package that can suit every skill level, the guitar itself is strictly for beginners.
  5. If this starter kit simply isn’t for you and you’re looking for a reliable acoustic-electric hybrid to practice on or take with you on your next tour, you should learn more about the ULST traveler guitar, which received better consumer feedback in terms of price and quality.

Final Thoughts for the Keith Urban Acoustic Guitar Package

Keith Urban Limited Edition Electric Raw Grain

Love it or leave it, we received plenty of mixed consumer feedback that left us wondering whether or not this package really had what it took to challenge players at the intermediate level.

The lessons themselves are perfect for beginners. The ability to learn at your own speed was a huge selling point for many users and the overall quality of the package is pretty decent when you consider all the extras that it comes with.

So, what’s the bottom line?

We do not recommend this set for intermediate or advanced guitarists. Ultimately, we would have liked to see a better quality guitar, one that features improved playability. But it’s still a good option for beginners. Would we recommend using the guitar for professional purposes? No. It simply doesn’t offer the type of projection or sound quality you’d need when playing for large crowds.

Basically, this guitar has what it takes when it comes to durability, but it shouldn’t be used for anything but practice.

Overall, the extensive video lesson library made us feel that this package was worth the price. Once you get the hang of guitar playing and are ready to advance to the next level you may just want to upgrade your acoustic to a tougher model with better sound projection.



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